Osbourn High School

Loveprints Scholarship announcement!

Osbourn High School in Manassas, Virginia announced on May 17, 2017  The Derrick Pearson Scholarship, to the minority senior who best displays how they currently or will apply the qualities of leadership and spread a positive image in society. As the founder of LovePrints, this is an honor beyond wishes. As the person who has been deemed worthy of a scholarship in their name, I am humbled.

What I would like to do is expand on this idea. I would like to announce that LovePrints would like to create another scholarship (or a few) at different schools around the country, with the same ideals of leadership, positive impact on school, church, and/or community, and a desire to make an positive impact on those around them.


LovePrints will direct proceeds of all merchandise sales from www.loveprints.us, from today until June 30, 2017. There are several items to choose from, and it will allow additional students and schools to get assistance with their college education.

Each item will also help in covering our communities in LovePrints, with a reminder of the good we can do when our hearts and hands work together.


If you want to simply donate to the scholarship without purchasing any items, please let me know directly at coachdp@loveprints.us.


Thank you Osbourn High School, and M. Magerkorth, for your kindness, consideration, and LovePrints.

Love in action. Action in love.

Cover the world in love.