Our Mission and Inspiration

Our mission is to use sports and community to create a world covered in acts of kindness and love.

We have founded this company to give back to the community and provide inspiration to those people involved with sports and young people, to make them better human beings. We all leave a print of our time on the planet – ideally a love print.

This website is intended to be the resource for influencing, sharing, motivating and symbolizing love through, but not limited to, sports.

 Derrick Pearson, with a lifelong history of and passion for sports, coaching, and mentoring young people through sports, has the idea to spread love prints around the world through offering mini programs that educators, coaches and parents can implement in their schools, athletic programs and daily lives. LovePrints becomes a vehicle for influencing, sharing, motivating and covering the world in love. Where will you leave your love print?

If you want something great, you must begin with something great.
— Derrick Pearson