Giving Back

LovePrints. Derrick Pearson interview with Joe Winters, Jr. The Daily Path. Love Out Loud

Positive thoughts. Love in Action. Love Out Loud. The ideal interaction leaves a loveprint when done. Well done. We hope that you enjoy this podcast interview with Joe Winters, Jr of the Daily Path, and Derrick Pearson of LovePrints. Feed yourself with something good.

LovePrints. Life Management Tribe. Life Lessons

Life lessons. Life Management Tribe. Love Out Loud

Love in action.

Action in love.

Start from the heart.




LovePrints Smiles Project

LovePrints is the simple idea of adding love whenever and wherever we can. To love out loud. In adding love, we cover those we care in love so that nothing else can stick Each action of love, all love in action. As a coach, I asked my teams to reach down into their hearts and generate smiles in the places they live.

LovePrints. One act at a time. Leave more love than was there before you got there.

If I was going to measure my time on this planet, I would hope to be measured by the amount of love I left while I was here. Did I leave each thing more covered in love than I found it? Did I attempt to action in love? Did I make things better?

LovePrints. My LovePrints are for everyone.


An act of love. Love in action. Action in love.

This is my declaration. I do this not to be better than anyone else. I do this to be better than I was. I do this to be the best version of me forward. You are welcomed to join me in covering us all in love.