Mother's Day

LovePrints. A Mother's Day thank you for covering the world in love.

It is Mother's Day 2017. I lost my mother recently, and there is not one day that passes where I do not talk to her, feel her, miss her, and love her. That is the essence of LovePrints. To cover our world in so much love that nothing else can stick. To cover those we love in so much love that we then cover all that we come in contact with in that love. Love in action. Action in love. That is our LovePrint.

As parents, we mission to boundary our young people in the most love possible. I talk about teachers, mentors, idols, coaches, and others. It is mothers who do the real work. The real heavy lifting when it comes to love and how it is known. What love feels like, what it sounds like, what it can do to heal, and what it can do to lift. A mom's love is the great elevator, the great lifter, the great carrier, and the great support. A mother lays the foundation for what the picture of love is in our minds, hearts, and spirit.
As we enter into the world, we take with us the strength provided in a mothers love, and we stand in the depth of character a mother has shown. We act in the love of her example, and we live in the idea of honoring the love we were blessed in. We know from example what the purpose of love is, and we have seen up close what unconditional love feels like. A mother and her LovePrint is more powerful than fear, hate, and doubt. It is the light, and it shines any road we journey on. That is the power of a mother's love.
I salute you, mothers all. No matter mother in blood, heart, or spirit. No matter if you mother your own, mine, or ours. No matter if you are the loudest fan in the stands, the first in line to bring drinks and fruit, the last one home after driving home all of the kids of your sister moms who had to work, or if you cook extra meals just in case someone needs it, thank you.
I salute you if you if you tuck in, iron out, fold up, kiss it better, tell the story, hug it out, clean it up, truth tell, or make it all fine, thank you.
I salute you if you wake us up, text without boundary, call without reason, cry with joy, shout out accolades, or simply smile and nod, thank you.
I salute you if you cook for one, two, six, or 50. If you buy enough for yours, mine, or some you never knew just in case, thank you.
I salute you if you stood in the doorway as someone else walked home alone, or waited in the doorway to make sure of an arrival, thank you.
I salute you if you sent cash even if there was no request, or when it was dire need, thank you.
I salute you if you made clothes, washed them, bought them, or shared them with those more in need than your own, thank you.
I salute you if you told someone else's the truth, set them straight, stopped them when going astray, or smiled when needed, thank you.
A LovePrint is the constant loving out loud. it is the constant love in action. It is the constant action in love.
A LovePrint is the constant desire and choice to cover your world in love.
One day is not enough to love you out loud.
Thank you for covering us all in love.
Thank you, mother's all.