Gratitude. A daily LovePrints idea in a short film.

Gratitude is a daily LovePrints idea to being grateful and thankful for the gift each day is that love requires being present, and the ability to be in awe of the things around you. Each day is a gift, so be thankful and appreciative of it. Gratitude requires honoring each thing by actually being present in it. Not one day that passes is empty, and with that is a series of wonderful, beautiful, authentic things. Those things are unique to that day, that moment, that company, and that place in the world and in your heart. No day is the same, no matter the recurring moments in them. Same place, different reaction to it. Same person, different energy around them. And in those days, in those moments, if we are present and treat them as the unique things that they are, joy can be renewed. Moments become refreshed, and revisited with new eyes, new energy, new knowledge. Enjoy the day by being available to being awed, wowed by your place in it, your effect on it, and your growth from it. Be surprised by your ability to be changed, your ability to move the environment, and your size within it. Allow yourself to ask small questions that lead to bigger answers. Allow yourself to actually see where you are, to know why you are, and to ask, what is next for me, this, and us.  

I hope that you were present. I hope that you saw the video, heard the words, and felt its purpose. I hope that you read this, word for word, and felt their purpose. I hope that you came to this page with love in your heart, and leave it with more love covering you than you came with. Take with you this LovePrint, and go share yours with anyone and everyone who you cross paths with today. Be present enough to know that love matters, and love wins. Go. Love.