Why? Love in action

LovePrints. Why? Because, LOVE.

I am often asked why? Why? LovePrints, this, love out loud, that. Action in love. Love in Action. Why?


Look around us. Look around you. We are not louder than the hate, fear, malice, whatever. We aren't. We could be. We should be.

The mission would be to cover our world in love. So much so, that nothing else can stick. Is that where we are? Is that what we are doing?

I will try again today. I will try to get one more person to smile. One more person to shine. One more person to love. One more person.

I am firmly in a love place. I will be loud in love. I will be active in love. I will be loved if offered.

Love lives here. Love is welcomed here. If you want some, come get some. If you have some, leave some. Then, go. Love.