Utah Warriors

LovePrints - Team54 Coach Cazzie Brown

In my Utah radio days, I got blessed with several opportunities that I could not explain. Among them, I got to do the stadium announcing for some sports teams. The Utah Warriors were an indoor football team coached by an amazing man himself, staffed by some great football minds, and a group of players from the local universities. They all had great moments at BYU, Utah, Weber State, Utah State, Dixie and Snow Colleges, and more. One day at a pregame, I felt a hand on my shoul...der as I tried to learn the names of these local stars gone pro, some with Polynesian names that were a mouthful. The hand belonged to a gentle giant of a man. That man had a smile as big as the mountains we lived around. He pointed to the roster and said, I can help you bruh, and pointed to his own name. He said, "the name is BROWN, CAZZIE BROWN!" "Say it with me...CAZ-ZIE BROWN!" His laugh shook me. We laughed for a minute. We went over some of the tough names, and then proceeded to go one on one in hand to hand football lineman combat drills. We talked footwork, eyes, and balance. We talked schemes, leverage, and life. We did this every home game, and every practice that I went to so that I could learn the game and the people I would talk about. Her said " You talk a whole lot like a coach for a radio dude." I told him he talked a lot like a coach for a football dude. His smile. His laugh. His life. I can not even type this without crying. God bless his wife, kids, coaches, teammates, community, and world

You talked a lot like an angel for a football dude my homie.