Angelo Hunt

LovePrints - A life in the game. The game of life with Coach Angelo Hunt

Angelo Hunt Action in Love. Love in action.  Do whatever it is that you do with an honest love of it, and great things happen. Pursue excellence with an understanding that while it may not be achieved, it must be pursued. And if you do those things, for those reasons, you will be able to do so with a big huge smile on your face, and with joy in your heart.

He is a product of love. An amazing family circle of bright lights and minds. Born from beautiful people, he has always shined. They always shined. And because they got your attention, they made sure that they gave you something to awed by. They always shined.

I met my brother in sports, coaching, and in life, when we were both young men. Same neighborhood. Same teams. Same joys. Each, and every sport, each, and every game, and each and everything that was tied to them. We played the games, learned the games, and then shared the experiences so that the next time we played them, we would be better. We shared it with each other, and anyone else who wanted to know. And, with anyone who wanted to get better as well.

As the years passed, we went our own ways, taking different paths in life, with successes and lessons all along the way. And with each lesson and win, more joy was available to be shared. As time went on, we reconnected to find out that the players had become teachers and coaches. That the games we played became the games we taught. And in that, more shared love of those games.

As a coach, teacher, leader, or mentor, we notice those who do so with a smile. Behind the smile is a comfort in what is being taught. Behind the smile is an assurance that this it is where you should be, and what you should be doing. It is knowing that it is a privilege, and honor, and a responsibility. And again, it is joy.

The smile is another weapon. It hides the drive, it masks the computer like brain of experiences and knowledge. It allows those that need an invitation forward to know that they are welcomed here, and an acknowledgement that there is a payoff to the work required to do whatever it is that is going to be demanded of you in your pursuit.

Behind the smile are all seeing eyes, paying attention to every detail. Those eyes tell a story, a different story, to each and any of his charges. The eyes scream YES to  the leader, GO to the tail, and LETS GO to the masses. The eyes beg for more, cry for joy, and seek out those in need on their journey. Those eyes hold the key to his players knowing that he is there for them, and they lock in until acknowledgement is received that the message is seen, and received.

I respect “ Brother ‘Lo” because I know his path, his purpose, and his heart. From one coach to another, it is wonderful to watch him do what he does because you know that he cares. His players matter. His goal is about them. And it is wonderful to watch.

His players are lucky to have him. His LovePrints are all over them as they walk forward in life. They know that they have someone in their corner, back against the wall or not. They know that they carry his name forward, and honor that in their actions. That is the sign of an amazing coach. They know.

And behind his smile, HE KNOWS.

Continue being the light, Sir!