AHS Cross country

Cathy Proctor Coffman- LovePrints in Action

Cathy Coffman Love in Action. Action in love.

The eyes and the smile are windows to the soul. When you are in the presence of certain PEOPLE, certain COACHES, certain EDUCATORS, you recognize that you are looking at exceptional. You are looking at amazing. You are looking at love.

I met Coach Coffman as teenagers, and she was already ahead of the game because she already knew that she loved sports. She enjoyed being around them, in them, and adding to. She always knew how to add to. No matter what she was engaged in, she added to it. She always made it better.

There are two facets to this that stick out in my mind. She always had a smile when you needed it. Not the fake” I see you looking at me so I am smiling back at you smile”. No. This was always “I see you and want you to know that I see you” smile. It is powerful. It was always helpful, always on time, and always enough. It always made whatever was going on, better. As an athlete, she understood the energy of the games watched and being played, and always was present. And, aware. I can recall having a difficult game, with several things on my mind that certainly were keeping me from doing what I was there to do. And then, there was Cathy. Coaching from a distance with a look, a smile, a nod. It ALWAYS made it better. ALWAYS.

Secondly, there is THE LOOK. Coaches recognize other coaches looks. We KNOW what they are saying without hearing a word. And I would bet that Coach Coffman’s athletes, Teacher Coffman’s students, know exactly what look I am talking about. It is authentic and brilliant. It makes everything better. It makes everything good. It adds to.

I look through some photos of Coach Coffman, and I look into her eyes, AND theirs. I look at her smile, and theirs. In those things are stories being told, lessons being learned, and love.  And with that, there is this. I would give my child to her. If asked, I am sure that most parents would say that it would be perfectly fine with them if their young people emulated her, or wanted to be like her. That is a wonderful testament. And truth.

Her LovePrints all over her community, her school, her squads, and her amazing children’s lives. I have known of her ability to add to for a long time. I smile at the thought of her young people being blessed with her joy in their lives. I am smiling now at the blessing of her in my life. She has added to it. Again, and again, and again.

Thanks, Coach.

Thanks, my friend.